Starting yet a new adventure!

Starting yet a new adventure. Beginning this month I am going to try my hand at radio and will be starting a weekly radio program Saturdays on AM1160. It's called UPNext and more information can be found at I've watched Michael Easley do it so well for years and heard Mike and Mike do it for 18 years and always wanted to try it.

Thankful for the opportunity for AM1160 to give me this opportunity. It's a start on Saturday afternoons.

John Fuder will be my cohost the first three weeks, Jimmy Lee and Kensen Lam will be my cohost for six weeks after that, and then Sandy Hamstra will be joining me regularly after that as we host the program together. Henny Wong and Donna Dai are also going to be helping me with this as we try and figure this out. Love the loyalty among friends and people who have always been there with me.

Thankful for Michael EasleyMark Jobe, and Felecia Thompson who are our first guests for the next three weeks.

Excited about this.