Avatar Christians


In the next four posts, I will be sharing with you four “traps” that I believe Christians fall into. The first trap is called Avatar Christians.

Avatar Christians are Christians whose public images are impressive, but their actual private relationships with God are lacking. These Christians believe they are falling deeper into Christ, when in reality they are doing the opposite. When difficult trials come their way, their faith implodes and crumbles and they end up abandoning God. God is not present during this time. It is most likely because their faith was never strong or solid... it was hollow on the inside.

There are four types of Christians:

  1. Spiritually Malnourished
    The faith of these Christians are weak. They are malnourished because they do not receive enough for Spiritual food for their bodies to grow (no church, no bible studies, no reading the Bible, etc). During trials and hardship, their faith easily falls apart. They cannot win against temptation because they are not “strong” enough...no spiritual muscle. Every trial/hardship can end up being a reason for them to abandon God.
  2. Spiritually Constipated
    These Christians take in large quantities of faith, but they do not take time to digest the information. For example, they do a quick devotion followed by listening to a brief radio message, then read a chapter from a christian book, then have lunchtime fellowship, and continue to live this cycle. These christians are bombarded with spiritual “food,” but when do they have time to digest everything? Their system is so clogged up, it can only lead to indigestion and frustration.

  3. Spiritually Obese
    These Christians have a lot of knowledge, but no action accompanying the knowledge. They are satisfied with the knowing but are not putting any of it into practice. Their faith is inactive and stationary, which can only lead to obesity.

  4. Spiritually Fit
    These Christians realize that it takes time and a commitment to grow a relationship with God. They study the word of God consistently and listen to the voice of the Holy Spirit through prayer. They also make an effort to partake in Christian fellowship. These Christians live out what God tells them to do, no matter what. They understand that without suffering, there is no growth.

What type of Christian are you? In my next post, I will discuss the second “trap’” Christians risk falling into.