Emotional Open Heart Surgery


What keeps us from being vulnerable??

What keeps us from fully experiencing relationships with the people God has placed in our life?

What keeps us from embracing our imperfections and being open about them

You hear grand words like being authentic and being real - what does that look like?

I am passionate about building communities that are a safe space to help people grow spiritually, mentally, physically, and holistically. I encourage people to be open and honest about their fears and pains. What am I asking of my community members when I ask for vulnerability? Am I being authentic in all that I do and setting a good example for my members, my students, and my children to follow?

For me, being in an authentic, vulnerable relationship involves an element of codependency with another person. You are trusting them to be able to deal with your deepest level of emotions and to hold your heart when it is frail and weak. In a world filled with darkness, selfishness and manipulative tendencies, our defense mechanism is to close up and keep to ourselves. While that might seem wise at times... it is healthy? Is it Biblical?

I see myself as someone who is somewhat healthy, but I realized that even as an emotionally okay person, I keep people at arms length. Even though people who need to feel loved by me are close, I  put them at a safe distance, so I do not get hurt if they choose to leave. Can you relate? Yes, I believe that there needs to be boundaries in every relationship, but this blog probably more relatable for those that are maybe too good with setting boundaries. The problem is that the relationships they end up developing are only surface level. I am realizing that perhaps this might just be an issue I am dealing with. This has been an unaddressed issue in my heart. I want to take steps to be vulnerable. By sharing my struggle with others, I hope it will help others reflect through their emotional health and faith journey.

Next week, I want to look at 3 reasons why we do not not fully embrace the relationships that God has placed in our lives.