GCG Update


When we first launched the Resource Global Cohort Initiative (www.resourceglobal.org) we wanted a time each year to bring all of our cohorts together to learn and fellowship with one another and learn from ministry and marketplace leaders in a specific city.  Our goal was to slowly build a global network where like-minded marketplace leaders are growing in community and developing skills to change their city and ultimately the world for the Gospel.  

We started out with Jakarta, Indonesia and have been there for the last three years.  We then started a cohort in Chicago two years ago and just this March launched Nairobi.  Each year all of the groups come together to a gathering that we call the Global Cohort Gathering or the GCG.  We find a place where there are key leaders doing great things and we learn from those leaders in the city. In 2017 we were in San Francisco and learned from leaders such as Nancy Ortberg, Ron Johnson, Luke Roush, etc.  This year we were in Seattle and learned from ministry leaders such as Derek McNeil, Alec Hill, Jeff Vanderstelt and marketplace leaders such as Jessica Chin, Eden Chen, Tripp Parker, Jason Skelton, among others. The theme for this year’s GCG was Catalysts for Gospel Action.  

We had over 40 people join us from Chicago and Jakarta.  Our new team from Nairobi joined us and four people came to experience what the GCG was like and how it would fit with the people of Kenya when they join us next year. Held from Friday to Monday morning it was a time of discussion, testimonies, panels, and teaching from our speakers.  Many of our speakers joined us for the majority of the time because presence and availability is so important to us. We want the cohort members not only to hear but to interact with some of our speakers. For many it was also a time of fellowship as they roamed and shopped in Seattle during the break time and got to know one another.  I will tell you that Cheetos and some chocolate were some of the snacks that the Indonesians bought because you don’t get that where they are.

In the next few weeks I hope to share with you some of the videos and teachings from some of our speakers.  But I did want to share with you a picture from the entire group when they gathered.

Our goal is to help the local become global.  Resource Global is committed to resourcing and releasing the next generation of Christian leaders and professionals within an interconnected network for Gospel movements in major global cities.