Powerless Power


The third trap I believe Christians fall into is the trap of leading a prayerless and powerless life. God asks us to pray to Him. So, why do we not do it more? Why do we not live as if prayer works? We are letting Satan rob us of the power of prayer. Satan wins through our laziness and our busyness. I challenge you to be more active in your prayer life and get to the next level with God.

Here are two things that keep us from seeing answers, let alone miraculous ones, to our prayers:

  1. There cannot be answers to questions/requests, if you do not ask.

  2. If you ask with doubt in your heart, you don’t believe it can come true. Therefore, why would God grant such a request? One has to ask with confidence and certainty, knowing and believing that all things are possible with God.

Ultimately, God will answer your prayer because:

  1. You asked Him

  2. You asked according to His will

  3. You asked in faith

  4. You are abiding in Him

Pray bold prayers, and ask God for the impossible.