Rootless Oaks


We are going to conclude this series by looking at the fourth trap, being “rootless.” Christians can fall into the trap of resembling a “rootless” tree - depends on others to hold it up, has shallow roots, and dries up when it faces trials.

There are Christians that are not well-rooted. Their roots are only surface level and not deep. These Christians may look good and seem strong, but the reality is that other Christians are supporting them by surrounding them. But as soon as trials come, they quickly fall away and tumble in their faith.

Luckily there are Christians that resemble oak trees. Oak trees are known for sinking their roots deep into the earth and the inability to be shaken. These Christians are like oaks, because even in the midst of trials, they still stand strong and praise God.

Who are the five people you spend the most time with and what path are they on? Hopefully both answers are positive, because you are the average of them. You don’t want to surround yourself with bad company, for they corrupt morals. The path of the wicked leads to destruction. Instead, surround yourself with strong christians. Make Jesus Christ one of your five closest people. Jesus will make a huge difference in your life and will change that average. If one of your five people is the Lord, you cannot be shaken.

So grow deep roots to thrive in your faith; trust in the Lord, and you will never be shaken.

As we conclude this series I want to remind you of the four traps you should be aware of us a christian:

  1. Avatar Christians

  2. Fruitless vines

  3. A prayerless and powerless life

  4. Rootless faith

Avoid these traps and live out your life in a way that glorifies God.