Vines that Wither


In the last post, I stated that there are four traps I believe Christians fall into. The first one was being an Avatar Christian. The second is being a fruitless Christian.

Read John 15 to see what who we are in relation to God and what we can do as a result. A few key themes I pulled from this passage are:

  1. God wants fruit - He counts fruit(v.8). How fruitful are you?

  2. If you do not bear fruit, He will cut you off(v.2).

  3. God saved you, so that you may bear fruit(v.3-5).

  4. God wants us to bear even more fruit(v.2,8).

  5. When you bear fruit, God hears and answers your prayers(v.7).

There are three types of fruit:

  1. Fruits of Justice
    These types of fruits are the acts of kindness towards those in need. This includes defending the poor, feeding the hungry, and caring for the sick.

  2. Fruit of Life and Conduct
    This type of fruit is living a Christ-like life. You know what is pleasing to God and choose to carry out His Will in your life. Your life is a living testament to who God is and who you are in Christ.

  3. Fruit of Eternal Life
    This is the fruit that one receives once you accept Christ as your Lord and Savior. The fruit contains many seeds. The sole purpose of a seed is to reproduce more fruit. So, not only does this fruit hold the gift of salvation, but also provides the gives you the means and hopefully spurs one to sharing the gospel, and bringing people to the Lord. The gift of eternal life is meant to be shared...

Questions for you to reflect upon:

Are you fruitful?
Are you a disciple of the Lord?
Are you more focused on God or yourself?
Can you identify those around you to plant seeds in?