Becky Turner | National Director The Barnabas Group

Before Christ, Becky Turner had made a complete mess of her life – relationally, financially and, especially, spiritually.  In 1992, when she came to the end of herself and cried out to God, He graciously swooped in and lifted her out of the pit of her own making and set her feet on a solid Rock.

Since that time, the Lord has done an amazing work as bit by bit and inch-by-inch He has delivered, transformed and renewed Becky to become the woman of God she is today.  Becky has been blessed to minister around the world and experience God’s work in the villages of Africa, the high-rise apartments of Moscow as well as the streets of downtown Atlanta and Houston.

Becky currently serves as the National Managing Partner for The Barnabas Group.  In this capacity, she is able to use her unique gifts and skills to fulfill her passion for discipleship and stewardship by serving the national network of TBG leaders and members who are impacting Kingdom-advancing ministries. The Barnabas Group’s mission is to see Christians use their marketplace talents to advance the Gospel.

Becky graduated Mercer University in Macon, Georgia with a degree in Communications and, for now, God has called Becky to walk in the gift of singleness.