Jillian Anderson | Senior Consultant, Gallup

Jillian specializes in organizational change management. She advises leading global clients on strategies to apply customer and employee engagement and strengths-based development to effect comprehensive organizational improvement. She coaches executives and managers at client organizations worldwide on driving performance through a strengths-based management philosophy, creating engaged teams, and building loyal customer relationships.

Jillian’s background reflects a research focus on organizational transformation. Her research conducted through a chapter of the American Society for Training and Development was awarded top honors by the National Communication Association and was selected to be presented at its national conference.

Prior to joining Gallup, Jillian served as a communications instructor at Miami University and coached its nationally-ranked collegiate speech team. She also served as a consultant with a jury consulting firm, conducting both quantitative and qualitative research for multimillion-dollar corporate legal cases.

Jillian’s received a master’s degree in organizational communication from Miami University (Ohio) and a bachelor’s degree in organizational communication and theatre from Cedarville University.